Who are we? Soupster Catering’s story.

Soupster Family

Who are we? Soupster Catering’s story.

Catering in Helsinki for over 20 years.

Soupster Catering’s story started off at the Soup restaurant, founded in 1997 by 1997 by Kim Heiniö, which Henri Alén describes: “The international influence of the chefs was visible: cross-kitchen was born in the kitchen with soul, rage and a message.” — Soup left the most important message. If people in a restaurant love what they do, there are no limits. ” This spirit wasn’t wanted to be left only to the consumers’ satisfaction, so as the business world became more adventurous and as the requests for catering increased, Soupster Catering was established. We are part of the Soupster Family Group, which consists of 25 different restaurants, event spaces, catering, and working spaces.

Soupster Catering has based its ideology from the beginning to quality. The dishes are made by our chefs in our own kitchen, which has passed through over the years from Vallila to Arabianranta and finally to Pasila. We also provide catering services in Espoo and Vantaa in addition to Helsinki, and other metropolitan area catering can also be arranged separately. The menus are updated several times a year according to the seasons and ingredients, and our kitchen is happy to design customized packages for special events.

One of the cornerstones of our operations is the design of catering menus on a case-by-case basis according to customers’ wishes. We follow this process tightly, so that we can raise our customers’ everyday encounters and celebrations with our services to the next level.

Event venues in the metropolitan area

In addition to catering, we have several event venues and meeting rooms in the Helsinki metropolitan area that we rent to companies and individuals. We offer so-called all-in-one packages for the venues, so we handle everything from food to drinks and from program to cleaning and staff. Some of our customers have the space ready so we take care of the catering.

For Catering, we can make use of the comprehensive services of our Soupster Family group by helping customers find the right personal space from our restaurants and event spaces. Catering is one part of the jigsaw puzzle of the whole family and we want to make sure that any event’s most important element is delicious and high quality food.

In addition to what was mentioned above, our producers offer small-scale event planning. They can organize and provide ideas for the program, performers and themes, and take care of the practical arrangements. Would you like to celebrate in the bath full of champagne, hula hula band, an ice sculpture or a llama? We can do it!

Over the past 20 years, we have been able to organize over 10,000 events from thousands of people’s gala to 20-person family celebrations, so we are not a rookie, even though we could describe our selves as youthful. Examples of our events can be found on the references page and on Instagram @ soupster and on Facebook Soupster Creative Catering.

Constant Development – Fun – Caring

Our company values are constant development, fun and caring. Every day we try to do one thing a little better than yesterday and we believe with all our heart that when you keep your feet in the ground and your head in the clouds, small streams inevitably become a stream. We hope to spread the message of modern hedonism and passion for excellent food around us. Rose-colored glasses are easily left at home every day and the importance of the work is forgotten, but you should keep in mind that we can bring joy and smiles to Helsinki even with small deeds that might otherwise have been left undone.

How can we make your event more beautiful?