Private event

Private event in a restaurant

What does it mean to have a private event in a restaurant? You can rent a restaurant for your use and arrange birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, seminars or breakfasts. The restaurant is rented for a sales guarantee. The sales guarantee is a certain amount, for example, 2000 €, for which you are not charged a separate rent after food and beverage sales. For example, if the sum of the dishes is € 1800, the difference will be charged as a 200 € rent.


Restaurants can usually be rented outside their normal opening hours, for example, a lunch restaurant would be available after 2pm. However, many restaurants have flexibility and smaller sections that can be used to organize events earlier. Soupster restaurants have both evening and morning restaurants, so the private event can take place almost any time! A private event in the restaurant is an easy and carefree way to organize a party; we take care of everything from catering to drinks, as well as staff, cleaning, decorating and program.