Event venues

We have a wide selection of event venues in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Our event venues in the Helsinki metropolitan area are perfect for seminars, sit down dinners, corporate parties and private parties such as birthdays and graduations. Check out our wide range of facilities below, request a quote or ask for more!

Small event venues (ca. 20-100 people)

Small event venues are well suited for private parties or smaller corporate occasions. Life is full of important moments and there’s always a reason to celebrate! We organize weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, christenings, retirement parties, graduation parties and confirmation parties, to name a few.

Medium-sized event venues (ca. 100-300 people)

Our mid-size event facilities are best suited for corporate parties and meetings. Seminars, lunch events, cocktail events, BBQs or picnics, VIP events, Christmas parties, kick offs or recreation days – we can handle it. The medium-sized event venues are best suited for events attended by about 100-300 people. Find out more about the event venues below and don’t hesitate to contact us!

Large event venues (ca. 300-1000 people)

Are you planning to host big corporate events? In this case we recommend you to take a look at our large event venues which are located around Helsinki and Espoo. Big corporate events include high profile events, awards, launches and conferences. The large event venues can accommodate about 300-1000 people. Take a closer look at the large event venues below and request a quote!

Do you need catering or event production?

In addition to event venues, we offer catering. When you’relooking for a delicious menu, a comprehensive event service, delivery or staff for your event, Soupster Catering will serve you through a quote! One of the cornerstones of our operations is the design of catering menus on a case-by-case basis according to our customers’ wishes. We hold on to this process, so that we can raise our customers’ everyday encounters and celebrations to the next level with the help of our services. On our website you will find some of our most popular catering menus that we have built for your convenience. However, we don’t want to limit your creativity, so give us a theme and we’ll let our team do their magic!


Soupster Events organizes large and small events and offers comprehensive event production: by listening to customer wishes, mapping needs, making ideas, planning and executing the event. Everything you need for your event, such as stage, decorations and performers, is organized at the event. The intention is to create memorable events, fun parties, successful encounters and unforgettable memories for customers. Theme party, Christmas party, seminar or surprise party coming up? Soupster Events helps with joy and expertise!