Soupster Catering’s new restaurant, FunFun, offers a fantastic industrial-style event and party venue in the Klondyketalo in Kerava.

The high-ceilinged space extends over multiple levels and consists of a restaurant area and upper levels. In the midst of everything, there is a square suitable for performances with semi-circular seating. Large windows allow in natural light and the evening twilight, creating a special atmosphere in the red-bricked space. FunFun is located in an office building, so you can celebrate into the early hours with no care in the world. We also take care of the venue’s catering and, if desired, other event arrangements. Savio train station is just a short walk away.

The FunFun team has years of solid experience in organizing events, ranging from galas for thousands of people to intimate family gatherings, all while staying on the cutting edge of trends. Whether it’s seminar catering, cocktail bites, or a festive dinner – we’ve got it covered!


Seated: 200

Standing: 800

Courtyard: 560


Kumitehtaankatu 5, 04260, Kerava


UP TO 300-1000 GUESTS