Cocktail bites


Cocktail bites make for a visual and delicious serving at any party! Perfect for light snacks and when you increase the number, they’ll keep your guests satisfied for some time.




Roasted beetroot, grilled kale, beetroot syrup, blue cheese and beetroot crème (l,g)

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato chutney, basil mayonnaise and burnt red onion (g)

Roasted tomato, crispy olives and rocket pesto on crunchy crostini (l)

Spiced cauliflower, cashew crème and salt-roasted cashews (l,g)

Roasted candy-striped beet, tomato mayonnaise, aioli, caviart and Korean mint (m,g)

Mini pumpkin quiche, pumpkin purée and roasted pumpkin seeds (l)

Seafood and meat:

Smoked salmon mousse, lemon-seasoned potato, pickled fennel and salmon roe (l,g)

Salmon ceviche, avocado and crispy quinoa (m,g)

Salmon tataki, wasabi pea crème, chili cabbage and roasted sesame seeds (l,g)

Mussel in shell, lime, chili and shiso mayonnaise (m,g)

Beef tataki, roasted shiitake, lettuce, coriander mayonnaise and fresh chili (m,g)

Grilled chicken, sesame-marinated sugar-snap peas, crunchy radish and yuzu mayonnaise (m,g)

Pulled beef, spiced bulgur, miso mayonnaise and crispy spelt (m)


Mini blackcurrant pannacotta, redcurrant sauce and toasted white chocolate (g)

Chocolate mousse in a chocolate cup, freeze-dried raspberry and cookie crumble (l)