Cocktail bites


Cocktail bites make for a visual and delicious serving at any party! Perfect for light snacks and when you increase the number, they’ll keep your guests satisfied for some time.



Roasted shiitake mushrooms, oat seasoned with truffle and herbs,  mushroom mayonnaise and parsnip crisps (V, GF)

Basil pesto flavored mozzarella, tomato chutney, pickled red onion, and pine nut crumble (LF, GF)

Confit beetroot, sage-seasoned goat cheese, grilled kale, and beetroot mayonnaise (LF, GF)

Roasted aubergine, feta hummus, pickled carrot, and salted roasted cashews (LF, GF)

Maple syrup flavored butternut squash, crispy romaine lettuce, pumpkin puree, pumpkin seeds, and grated lime (V, GF)

Grilled squash, “cauliflower slaw,” and truffle mayonnaise (V, GF)

Sesame-seasoned härkis, spicy quinoa and lentils, cilantro mayonnaise, and marinated chili (V, GF)

Grilled bell pepper, chimichurri-marinated härkis, pea puree, and chili apple (V, GF)

Sesame roasted portobello mushroom, kimchi, and sprout salad (V, GF)

Chili-coriander marinated shiitake mushrooms, herb quinoa, grilled kale, and vegan garlic mayonnaise (V, GF)

Roasted plum tomatoes, olive tapenade, basil mayonnaise on toasted bread crouton (V)

Grilled halloumi, saffron cream, tomato bulgur, and fresh jalapeno (LF)

Avocado mousse, chili-flavored soy crumbles, crispy radish on a vegan mini tartlet (V, GF)

Smoked organic tofu, grilled sweet potato, mung bean sprouts, and chili-red onion marmalade (V, GF)



Sugar-salted salmon, pickled cucumber, chive potatoes, and dill mayonnaise (DF, GF)

Salmon tataki, wasabi mayonnaise, grilled sugar snap peas, crispy chili, and sesame seeds (DF, GF)

Smoked roach mousse, marinated mustard seeds, crispy kale on organic rye bread (DF)

Cold-smoked salmon, crab mayonnaise, and salmon roe (DF, GF)

Garlic-seasoned prawns, tomato quinoa, chili mayonnaise, and caviar (DF, GF)

Smoked mussels, citrus cream, star anise-infused braised fennel, and fennel seed oil (LF, GF)

Salmon-scallop ceviche, crispy corn, and puffed quinoa (DF, GF)

Warm-smoked salmon mousse, toasted crostini, pickled shallots, and crispy radish (DF)

Grilled red perch, tomato-pepper concasse, and grated lemon zest (DF, GF)

Dill-seasoned crayfish, roasted potatoes, garlic mayonnaise, and malt crumble (DF)

Salmon-vendace-spinach mini quiche (LF)


Lamb tartare, truffle-infused pearl barley, Dijon mayonnaise, and pickled cauliflower (DF)

Grilled beef seasoned with fennel seed oil, herb potatoes, garlic mayonnaise, and crispy onions (DF)

Beef tataki, chili kale, soy dressing, and toasted sesame seeds (DF, GF)

Surf & Turf, roasted beef fillet, crab mayonnaise, crispy sugar snap peas, and chive oil (DF, GF)

Jerk-marinated tender chicken, tomato quinoa, fresh pineapple salsa, and citrus mayonnaise (DF, GF)

Grilled chicken breast, roasted mushrooms, balsamic syrup, and garlic-seasoned broccoli (DF, GF)

“Pulled pork,” roasted sweet potato, crispy corn, and spicy pepper relish (DF, GF)

Mildly smoked pork, Ebly wheat, pumpkin puree, and salted roasted pumpkin seeds (DF)

Grilled beef seasoned with sage oil, roasted fennel, horseradish mayonnaise, and dried Kalamata olive (DF, GF)

Chicken seasoned with leek ash, lime-infused endive, smoked paprika cream, and crispy kale (LF, GF)


Mini blueberry panna cotta, blueberry compote, and vanilla-infused meringue snow (LF, GF)

Mini chocolate brownies, raspberry sauce, and cookie crumble (LF)

Mini strawberry-rose posset, rose syrup, and marinated strawberries (LF, GF)

Dark chocolate truffle (LF, GF)

Mini salted caramel-cranberry quark and nut granola (LF, GF)

Chocolate mousse, dried cherries, and cherry compote (V, GF)

Mascarpone mousse, roasted white chocolate, and marinated Finnish berries (GF)

Mini blackcurrant trifle, vanilla whipped cream, star anise-infused blackcurrants, chocolate, cookie, and blackcurrant sauce (V, GF)

Mini mango panna cotta, toasted coconut, and mint-infused mango (LF, GF)