Cocktail bites

Chef’s favourites:
Roasted beetroot, beetroot syrup and sage-goat cheese mousse

Grilled portobello mushrooms, spicy bulgur and tandoori

Beetroot hummus and zucchini

Grilled mini asparagus, miso mayonnaise, root vegetable chips
and wild flowers

Hand-peeled shrimps, saffron fennel, chili apple and citrus cream

Marinated blue mussels, mussel cream and cucumber-tomato

Salmon tataki, wasabi and marinated radish

Leek ash marinated Soupster’s cold smoked salmon and

Octopus ”confit”, miso mayonnaise, avocado mousse and crispy

”Surf & Turf, vol 2”: grilled beef, crayfish mayonnaise and
beetroot chips

Smoked vendace crostini, dill aioli and vendace roe

Chimichurri beef marble fillet, avocado mousse, crispy onion and

Grilled beef and cress

Soupster goes Pastor – Nikkei vibes:

Whitefish tartare, passion dressing and wasabi aioli

Pressed duck and kimchi

Grilled asparagus and herb-chili hollandaise

Salmon ceviche

Miso marinated beef and avocado

Other favorites:

Manchego and fig with crostini

Roasted pumpkin and gouda

Finnish bread cheese and cloudberry créme

Truffle mozzarella-tomato skewer

Chili-cilantro marinated organic tofu skewer

Herb halloumi and chili dip with ciabatta

Roasted teardrop tomato with roasted bread roll and rocket oil


Vanilla pannacotta ja queen melba from a shot glass

Mini chocolate brownies
(flavors: peppermint, salty caramel, chili etc.)

Roasted white chocolate & rice crispie fudge

Handmade chocolate truffle 
(flavors chili, rum, orange)

Exotic Fruit Bomb

Chocolate Nirvana