Soupster Vibes

Green salad, roasted plum tomatoes, pine nuts and balsamic vinaigrette (M,G)

Beetroot confit, baby spinach, salt-roasted pecan nuts and blue cheese cream (L,G)

Sugar-salted salmon, fennel, apple, pickled mustard seeds and dill mayonnaise (M,G)

Hay-smoked Finnish chicken breast, grilled pumpkin, red onion marmalade and crispy spelt (M)

Focaccia (M) and olive tapenade (M,G)


Good Vibes

Crunchy baby gem lettuce, parmesan and citrus dressing (L,G)

Coliflor frito estilo chifa: roasted cauliflower, chili, fresh herbs and cress (M,G)

Salmon ceviche, avocado, chili-seasoned sesame seeds and crispy corn (M,G)

Pulled pork, root vegetable som tam, pickled shiitake mushrooms and shiso mayonnaise (M,G)

Beef tataki, sesame-marinated soba noodles, grilled bok choy and wasabi mayonnaise (M)

Saffron-seasoned seed bread (M) and chili hummus (M,G)

Add a warm main if you so choose:

Tender spiced chicken in tomato sauce (M,G), warm veggie bulgur (M) and cold mint-yoghurt sauce (L,G)

Tender beef in juniper and onion sauce (M,G) with rosemary and honey root vegetables (M,G)



Chili-chocolate cake, mint-marinated pineapple and vanilla cream

Raspberry pannacotta, meringue and nut praline (L,G)

Chocolate-almond cake, lemon-seasoned vanilla cream and cherry ”snow”