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153 Hämeentie
Helsinki, Uusimaa, 00560

Soupster Family on urbaani helsinkiläinen ruoan ja juoman yhteisö. Soupster rakentuu useista eri tyylisistä ravintoloista ja juhlatiloista, catering-toiminnasta, sekä konsultoinnista.




Soupster Family has been offering consulting services since the beginning of this millennia in the hospitality industry. Our consulting projects range from small individual cases to larger and more challenging ones. Our consulting services focus on restaurant and food development which entails business ideas and concepts and well as a more detailed look at the product, interior, vibe and brand depending on the customers' needs. Our CEO and founder Kim Heiniö has consulted for example shopping centers and Korkeasaari Zoo as well as several large cultural projects like Allas Sea Pool in which Soupster Family is a partner in. Soupster Creative Catering's executive chef and partner Toni Pirttimaa's latest projects have been the childrens' adventure parks called SuperPark around Finland in coming up with the concept of the food aspect.

If you're looking for consulting services in the hospitality industry please contact: