Graduation menus 2023

MENU “Happy days ”

Crispy heart salad, roasted kalamata olives, artichokes , pecorino cheese and tomato vinaigrette (L,G)

Fennel seed oil flavoured home made cheese, grilled asparagus, strawberries, baby spinach and salt roasted pumpkin seeds (L,G)

Yuzu marinated cauliflower and broccoli, spicy quinoa, red onion marmalade, soy mayonnaise and crispy chilli (M,G)

Chanterelle spinach quiche and ruccola(L)

Roasted chicken, truffle spiced potato, smoked parsnip and garlic mayonnaise (M,G)

Soupster’s focaccia (V) and beetroot hummus (V,G)


MENU ” Hooray ! “

Crispy salad mix , watermelon , strawberries , wild tomatoes and spruce tip vinegrette (V,G)

Crab cheviche ,avocado mousse ,chili mayonnaise and crispy corn (M,G)

Earth artichoke panacotta, grilled asparagus, crispy artichoke, crispy kale and basil oil (L,G)

Smoked sea salmon, roasted spring potatoes, grilled fennel, dill mayonnaise, watercress and crispy capers (M,G)

Tandoori marinated tender chicken breast, grilled apple, pickled shallots, smoked paprika cream and puffed quinoa (L,G)

Soupster’s focaccia (V) and herb cream cheese (L,G)



Crispy heart salad, citrus marinated mung beans, haricot beans, strawberries and spruce tip vinegrette (V,G)

Crispy peas, curry spiced carrots, vegan parmesan, pea hummus, sprouts and chili mayonnaise (V,G)

Grilled asparagus, baby spinach, smoked organic tofu, roasted wild tomatoes, avocado mousse and water cress (Ve,G)

Roasted spring potatoes with balsamic mushrooms, grilled kale, paprika concasse and ruccola sprouts (V,G)

Sesame marinated crispy chickpeas, truffle spiced quinoa and pulled beans, pickled early cabbage and vegan garlic mayo (V,G)

Soupster’s focaccia (V ) and vegan herb cream cheese (V ,G)



Mozzarella, tomato jam, toasted pine nuts and rucola pesto (L,G)

Grilled asparagus, strawberry, pickled red onion and basil cream (L,G)

Crab cheviche, avocado mousse and crispy corn (M,G)

Grilled beef, truffle seasoned spring potatoes, garlic mayonnaise and crispy kale (M,G)

Mini rhubarb panna cotta, vanilla spiced strawberries and meringue (L,G)