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153 Hämeentie
Helsinki, Uusimaa, 00560

Soupster Family on urbaani helsinkiläinen ruoan ja juoman yhteisö. Soupster rakentuu useista eri tyylisistä ravintoloista ja juhlatiloista, catering-toiminnasta, sekä konsultoinnista.


Menu | Soupster Catering

We want to facilitate your choice by offering some menu options to choose from. However, the decision is yours, we will customize it!


We would like to facilitate your choice by compiling a few set of menus. However, the decision is up to you! You organize the meeting or the celebration, and we will tailor a suitable menu according to your wishes and needs.
In addition to catering, the number of guests significantly affects the cost. Also, you should take into consideration the venue choice, the cuisine and the catering staff to be present at the site. Request a quote, and we will build together an unforgettable event. These are only a few examples of menus created by our chef de cuisine Toni Pirttimaa and his team!



Street food.jpg


Wok Bar

Singapore Chicken wok: veggies, noodles, chicken breast, sesame dressing and sweet chili dip

Spicy Beef wok: veggies, noodles, tender beef brisket, chili, sesame dressing and sweet chili dip

Singapore Vege wok: veggies, noodles, halloumi and/or tofu, sesame dressing and sweet chili dip


Hot dog Heaven / Steamed bun Heaven

Filling options:

”Finnish dogs”:

Pike patties
Marinated fennel
Cauliflower slaw
Citrus mayo
Crunchy onion

”Spanish dogs”:

Chorizo sausage
Fresh salsa
Avocado purée

"Kimchi Moo":

Long braised pork
Cabbage & chili
Cucumber marinated in mirin & ginger
Toasted onion

“The Beef”:

Tender roast beef
Root veggie ketchup
Marinated onion
Monterrey Jack cheese

"Surf & Turf":

Curry wurst
Shrimp mayo
Mango salsa
Toasted onion


Marinated tofu
Chili cabbage
Mirin-ginger marinated cucumber
Toasted onion


Burger Bliss, Finnish style

Brioche buns
Minced meat patties
Lingonberry compote
Root veggie - coleslaw