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153 Hämeentie
Helsinki, Uusimaa, 00560

Soupster Family on urbaani helsinkiläinen ruoan ja juoman yhteisö. Soupster rakentuu useista eri tyylisistä ravintoloista ja juhlatiloista, catering-toiminnasta, sekä konsultoinnista.


Menu | Soupster Catering

We want to facilitate your choice by offering some menu options to choose from. However, the decision is yours, we will customize it!


We would like to facilitate your choice by compiling a few set of menus. However, the decision is up to you! You organize the meeting or the celebration, and we will tailor a suitable menu according to your wishes and needs.
In addition to catering, the number of guests significantly affects the cost. Also, you should take into consideration the venue choice, the cuisine and the catering staff to be present at the site. Request a quote, and we will build together an unforgettable event. These are only a few examples of menus created by our chef de cuisine Toni Pirttimaa and his team!



SUOMI 100.jpg


Reindeer tartar, barley, root veggie chips and dijon mayo

Finnish goat cheese and honey with seed crisp bread
and Korean mint

Rainbow trout pickled with lingonberry,
pickled mustard seeds and horseradish

Smoked whitefish, dill and pea hummus with organic rye bread

Chocolate mousse, marinated cloudberry and cloudberry meringue


”Congratulations, Finland!”

 Salads, sprouts and salt-toasted beetroot, leek ash vinaigrette

Grilled root veggies, Finnish squeaky cheese and fig cream
Reindeer fillet pickled with juniper berries, potato & onion salad and mushroom mayo

Beef fillet tartare, pearl barley, pickled red onion and caper mayonnaise

Potato lefse and churned butter


Slow braised beef, roast broth sauce, grilled potatoes with onion


Cloudberry-chocolate cheesecake and cloudberry meringue


Land of a thousand lakes”

Crunchy salad, fresh spinach, dried cherry tomatoes & toasted seeds, Thyme vinaigrette

Clear mushroom & potato salad, Indian cress, dill and whole-grain mustard dressing

Rainbow trout pickled with sea buckthorn, wheat and fresh herbs, marinated mustard seeds and shallot mayo
Tender roast lamb, grilled parsnip, cress and parsley crème

Organic rye bread, butter and cream cheese


Long braised pork neck, grilled baby onions, juniper berry sauce and grilled veggies


Lingonberry & chocolate bowl


”100 Years”

 Tar-marinated salmon

Rainbow trout roe

Dill & potato salad

"Grandma’s pickle" and leek ashes


Finnish beef marble fillet

Dark allspice sauce 

Clear pearled barley and veggies 


Currant & cream pudding, currant compote, currant “snow” and toasted white chocolate


”Fantastiska Norden”  

Crayfish tartar and dill pesto


Long braised lamb

Dark herb sauce

Herb & honey potatoes


Vanilla pannacotta and marinated berries


”Sisu Mood”

Tar-pickled salmon, smoked salmon mix, sour milk sauce
and watercress purée


Long braised Angus beef chuck

Grilled golden and yellow beet
Port wine sauce


Almond-chocolate cake, raspberry sauce,
toffee-apple and raspberry ”snow”