At Wanha Satama, a gorgeous place in Helsinki’s Katajanokka, you can organize any event from a fair to a Christmas party. The versatile facilities range from 30 to 3700m2, including a total of six different sized halls, smaller office space for group work, creative office office HUB and a separate restaurant. The facilities are ideal for 80-1000 people and you can rent the whole Wanha for your use. Let’s organize your own opportunity!


The size of A-hall is 615m2. For example, a 400 person cocktail event or 300 guest conference can be arranged.


B-hall has a surface area of 449m2. The space works perfectly for example as a venue for 300-person conferences.


The E-hall is a bright and open space with a surface area of 998m2. Typically there are fairs, speakers and various festivals. It can accommodate up to 700 people at a time.


The F-Hall is a spacious market hall. The space is open and possible to customize according to the needs of the event. The hall can accommodate about 400 people.


The H-hall is the smaller hall of the Wanha Satama and is perfect for meeting and seminar use.

N. 300-1000 HLÖ