Order catering online

How to order catering?


Dylans menus can be ordered online for 20-200 people. If your event is bigger or you want a tailor-made menu, overall event service and staff, Soupster Catering will serve you through the quote request (link to the form)!


Due to raw material orders and shift planning, the minimum order time for menus is 4 days prior to pick-up. Meals are paid at the time of order and picked up at the restaurant of your choice. We can also recommend a courier service through which you can order pick-up for food.


Serving dishes should be returned to the restaurant after the event within two working days.


If your order exceeds € 1000, we will give you a brunch gift card for two to Dylan!

1. Choose a menu

Take a look at our delicious catering options from the online store from the list below

Breakfast menu

Daily smoothie, sandwich (with ham / cheese / vegan filling), fruit 8,90 €

Dylan’s cold salad buffet 21,90€

*Tuna-coriander-chili röra (M, G)

*Rocket pesto marinated chicken, avocado & roasted sesame seeds (L, G)

*Citrus marinated feta and olives, spinach, roasted potatoes & fresh tomato salsa (VL, G)

*Curry roasted cauliflower (V, M, G)

*Mild chili flavored Finnish rainbow trout with sugar pea salad (M, G)

*Green sprout salad and vinaigrette (M, G)

*House bread (L) & Dylan’s hummus (M, G)

Wok & green salad 12,50€ 

Singapore Chicken Wok: chicken breast, vegetables, noodles, sesame sauce. Chili, fresh herbs etc. on the side!

Classic Hot Dog 5,50€

Hot Dog Bun

Long sausage (M, G)

Ketchup (M, G)

Mustard (M, G)

Roasted onion (M)

Soupster’s home made brownie 4,50€

Mango panna cotta & marinated mango 6,00€

Box of home made chocolates 88€

Chupa Chups box 77€

Disposable tableware  + serviette (plate, fork, knife) 3€

Dylan’s cold salad buffet 16,80€

*Fennel-garlic marinated cavatappi pasta, roasted plum tomato and mozzarella (VL)

*Smoked salmon-shrimp-potato salad (M, G)

*Dylan Country Chicken Salad: grilled chicken, seasonal vegetables, egg, croutons, parmesan (L)

*Dylan’s bread basket & spread (L)

Dylan Asian Vibes 17,50€

* Satay chicken skewer & chili cabbage  (M, G, incl. nuts)

* Spicy Thai Beef Noodle salad (M)

* Green salad, garlic roasted sugar pea, edamame & sesame vinaigrette (M, G)

* Crayfish crisps

Premium Hot Dog 9,50€

Hot Dog Bun

Currywurst (L, G)

Crab mayo (M, G)

Mango salsa (M, G)

Roasted onion (M)

Burger & sides 15,00€

Brioche bun

Dylan’s home made burger patty




Pickled cucumber

Marinated red onion


House chili mayo



+ Kartano country chips

2. Choose a restaurant

Choose the restaurant you want to order delicious catering from.

  • Dylan Lepuski
    (available for pick up mon-fri 7.00-17.00)
  • Block by Dylan
    (available for pick up mon-sun 7.00-18.00)
  • Dylan Marmoripiha
    (available for pick up mon-sun 8.00-17.00)
  • Dylan Kottby
    (available for pick up mon-fri 17.00)
  • Dylan Böle
    (available for pick up mon-fri 7.00-17.00)
  • Dylan Milk
    (available for pick up mon-fri 7.00-18.00)