Early Bird Xmas offer!


Order catering to your Christmas party by the end of September and use the code XMAS19, you’ll get a free dessert! Seasonal dessert:

Vanilla panna cotta, cherry compot and “chocolate soil” (L, G, incl. nuts)


Alta löydät pikkujoulumenumme vuodelle 2019! Valittavissa on neljä erilaista suosittua kylmää buffettia, joihin voi lisäksi valita haluamansa lämpimän ruoan. Hyödynnä tarjous kirjoittamalla koodi XMAS19 lisätietokenttään tarjouspyynnön yhteyteen!

Take a look at our Xmas menus for the year 2019 below! You can choose from 4 different popular cold buffets and and a warm main dish if you so choose. Utilize the offer by adding the code XMAS19 to the additional information of the request a quote form.


Simply Beautiful

Chili-marinated shrimps, fresh quinoa salad and yuzu mayonnaise (M,G)
Grilled root veggies, fresh cheese and fig crème (L,G)
Togarashi chicken, shiitake mushrooms, veggies and wasabi mayonnaise (M,G)
Garden salad, toasted seeds and sesame vinaigrette (M,G)
Oscar’s focaccia (M)


Twist And Shout

Miso salmon, avocado and grilled bok choy (M,G)
Sesame-wokked beef fillet with a spicy thai salad (M,G)
Shrimp marinated in roasted garlic oil, mirin vegetables and soy mayonnaise (M,G)
Shichimi and soba noodle salad (M)
Green sprout salad with sesame vinaigrette (M,G)
Prawn crackers and a dip (M,G)


Up Beet

Confit beetroot, rocket, salt-roasted pecan nuts and blue cheese cream (L,G)
Sugar-salted salmon, fennel, apple, pickled mustard seeds and dill mayonnaise (M,G)
Hay-smoked chicken breast, spelt, red onion marmalade and paprika mayonnaise (M)
Garden salad, roasted tomatoes, seeds and balsamic vinaigrette (M,G,V)
Seed cracker (L) and eggplant hummus (M,G,V)


Country Winter

Buffalo mozzarella, spiced chickpeas, roasted bell pepper and citrus tomato concasse (G)
Salmon tataki, seasweed-seasoned soba noodle, ginger mayonnaise and roasted sesame seeds (L)
Fresh yuzu-marinated chicken thigh, seasoned vegetables and black bean mayonnaise (M,G)
Crispy lettuce, sprouts and pomegranate vinaigrette (M,G,V)
Country-style bread (L) with herb butter (L,G)


Warm dishes:

Slow-roasted beef in a ginger and soy sauce with chili-roasted potatoes (M,G)

Sticky Chicken & wokked vegetables (L,G)

Long-braised lamb in a dark port wine and shallot sauce with roasted root vegetables (M,G)

Grilled portobello, fava bean and lentil ragu, sesame-toasted chickpeas and broccoli (M,G)


Tarjouksen ehdot: Jälkiruoka toimitetaan tilauksiin, jotka järjestetään 1.10-20.12.2019 välisenä aikana ja jotka on vahvistettu 30.9.2019 mennessä. Tilauksien tulee sisältää yksi pikkujoulumenuistamme (tai juhliinne räätälöity menu). Jälkiruokana toimii määritelty vaniljapannacotta-annos.

Conditions: The dessert will be available to events that are organized during 1.10-20.12.2019 and have been confirmed by 30.9.2019. The orders must include one of our Xmas menus (or another menu tailored to your event). The dessert will be our seasonal vanilla panna cotta dish.