Soupster goes vegan

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Grilled courgette and beetroot hummus

Chili-cilantro marinated organic tofu skewer

Roasted teardrop tomato crostini and rocket oil

Mini avocado toast and wild flower

Sesam marinated pulled broad bean, pearl barley and vegan miso mayo

Chimichurri marinated tofu and lentil and red pepper salsa with lemon

Marinated portobello, spicy bulgur and vegan tandoor mayo

Roasted mini asparagus and pickled shiitake mushrooms

Grilled pumpkin, cauliflower slaw and truffle mayo

Roasted beetroot, beetroot syrup and root vegetable chips

Eggplant caviar, roasted eggplant and Ras El Hanout -mayo

Chimichurri sweet potato, fresh quinoa and orange mayo

Pea hummu, crispy onion and garlic bruschetta

Exotic fruit bomb and fresh mint

Mini fruit skewer

Vegan chocolate mousse and strawberry

Coconut raspberry mousse and honey roasted coconut


Green salad and marinated haricot beans, tarragon vinaigrette

Vegetable garden: spring vegetables, soy, pulled broad bean and avocado

Broiled baby carrot, beetroot confit, mustard cabbage and herb mix, basil oil

Fresh lentil salad, roasted butternut squash and marinated wild tomato

Spicy tofu, grilled courgette, sofrito and cress

Focaccia, ciabatta, pea hummus and tapenade

Grilled portobello, oven tomato, warm lentil salad and smoked red pepper sauce

Coconut pudding and fresh berry salad


Salads, sprouts, crushed garlic nuts and kale-herb oil

Cauliflower ”couscous”, spicy cashew salsa and roasted plum

Caramelized butternut squash, garlic mayonnaise, tarragon
marinated mushrooms and malt crumble

Vegan ”salad cheese” spiced with caraway, grilled root
vegetables and seed crisps

Soupster’s muesli bread and edamame tomato hummus

Grillattu kokonainen portobello, härkis-linssiragu ja seesam-paahdettua kikhernettä & parsakaalia

Grilled portobello, pulled broad bean and lentil ragu, sesame roasted chick pea and broccoli

Liq my raspberry – liquorice and raspberry raw cake