We offer catering for pre-Christmas parties, as well as for other parties. Ordering the catering from us means that you can relax and enjoy the party without stress about the food. We have three different pre-Christmas party menus which are listed below. Choose your favorite one and we will take care of the rest!



Crispy baby gem lettuce, roasted broccoli and olives, pecorino and date vinaigrette (L, G)

Roasted beetroot seasoned with rosemary, pumpkin seasoned with fennel oil, crispy kale, hazelnut and
beetroot creme (L, G)

Smoked duck breast, sweet potato marinated with maple syrup, roasted dates & fig mousse (L, G)

Smoked salmon, roasted dill potatoes, crispy fennel, baby spinach, sprouts and citrus mayonnaise (M, G)

Veal seasoned with juniper berry, marinated onion, truffle buckwheat & horseradish mayonnaise (M)

Homemade bread by Soupster (M) with hummus (M, G)


Tender beef brisket in ginger- red wine sauce & roasted root vegetables with honey (M, G)


Blackcurrant pannacotta, chocolate “soil”, marinated currants and meringue snow (L, G)


”Jingle Bells”


Romaine lettuce, sugar peas marinated with herbs, pomegranate seeds, salt-roasted pine seeds & citrus vinaigrette (M, G)

Farm cheese seasoned with basil, roasted parsnip, marinated shiitake, crispy radicchio and mushroom
mayonnaise (M, G)

Finnish rainbow trout, pickled mustard seeds and potato, chive crème, tomato concasse and malt crumble

Tender chicken marinated with chili and garlic, grilled apple and bok choy & soy mayonnaise (M, G)

Ras El Hanout beef brisket, juiced cabbage, nutty durum wheat, roasted sesame and orange dressing (M)

Homemade bread by Soupster (M) with butter (L, G)



Lightly smoked turkey breast in BBQ-apple sauce & spiced vegetable quinoa (M, G)



Gingerbread and pear trifle
Gingerbread quark, pear compote, gingerbread crumble and pomegranate seeds (L)




“Green Wonderland” 


Crispy baby gem lettuce, roasted tomatoes and olives, pine nuts, vegan parmesan cheese and date
vinaigrette (V, G)

Roasted beetroot seasoned with rosemary, pickled red cabbage, crispy kale, hazelnut and beetroot
mayonnaise (V, G)

Lemon feta, marinated shiitake, herb-soy sauce, bok choy and chili dressing (V, G)

Roasted pumpkin and cauliflower, smoked organic tofu, pickled mustard seeds, roasted fig, crispy sugar
peas and date balsamico (V, G)

Ras el Hanout -marinated Härkis (fava bean mince), spicy durum wheat, roasted sesame, baby spinach and
avocado mousse (V)

Homemade bread by Soupster (V) with hummus (V,G)


Spicy pea tempeh, eggplant and pumpkin seasoned with fennel seed oil, za’atar seasoned potato and
organic shiitake
Vegan spinach-yoghurt dressing and sweet chili (V,G)


Dark chocolate mousse, orange marmalade, chocolate “soil” and strawberry sauce (VG)