We offer catering for Graduation parties, as well as for other parties. Ordering the catering from us means that you can relax and enjoy the party without stress about the food. We have four different Graduation party menus which are listed below. Choose your favorite one and we will take care of the rest!


Crisp heart salad, roasted kalamata olives, plum tomatoes, pecorino cheese & caper vinaigrette (L,G)

Pesto marinated mozzrella, strawberries, rucola, baby spinach and salt roasted pine nuts (L,G)

Dill marinated shrimp, mustard seed flavored early potatoes, marinated red onion, garlic mayonnaise & crisp malt crumble (L)

Mildly smoked salmon, asparagus-pea salad, pickled cabbage and citrus creme (L,G)

Roasted beef fillet, truffle flavored quinoa and lentil, crisp fennel and herb aioli (M,G)

Soupster’s Focaccia (M) and chili hummus (M,G)


”It’s time to celebrate”


Crisp salad mix, watermelon, radish, granny’s cucumber, roasted cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds & spruce sprout vinaigrette (M,G)

“Crab cocktail”, shrimp scampi, avocado mousse, celery, tomato salsa, chili mayonnaise and crisp corn (M,G)

Grilled asparagus, strawberries, leek ash flavored homemade cheese, crisp kale and basil mayonnaise (L,G)

Smoked salmon, roasted early potatoes, citrus marinated black radish, dill mayonnaise, watercress and crisp capers (M,G)

Garlic marinated tender chicken, grilled apple and pear, burned onions, rhubarb creme and puffed quinoa (L,G)

Soupster’s Focaccia (M) and herb cream cheese (L,G)




“Go Green!” 


Crisp heart salad, citrus marinated sprouts, haricot beans, crisp olives and spruce sprout vinaigrette (Ve,G)

Charred carrot, vegan feta cheese, pea hummus, sprouts and basil mayonnaise (Ve,G)

Grilled asparagus, baby spinach, smoked tofu, roasted wild tomatoes, avocado mousse and watercress (Ve,G)

Roasted potato, strawberry, grilled kale and nut concasse (Ve,G)

Sesam marinated härkis, truffle seasoned quinoa and lentil, pickled cabbage and vegan herb cream cheese (Ve,G)


Soupster’s Focaccia (Ve) and chili hummus (Ve,G)


“Happy Days” Cocktail bites menu


Mozzarella, tomato compote, burned red onion and rucola pesto (L,G)

Grilled asparagus, strawberries, crisp kale and basil creme (L,G)

Salmon-crab cheviche, avocado mousse and crisp quinoa (M,G)

Beef tataki, miso mayonnaise, spicy roasted chickpeas and crisp heart salad (M,G)

Mini strawberry panna cotta, marinated strawberries and meringue (L,G)