Christmas party season is coming closer and closer, and catering for the parties is being ordered all the time. We offer catering for Christmas parties too, as well as for other parties. Ordering the catering from us means that you can relax and enjoy the party without stress about the food. We have three different Christmas party menus which are listed below. Choose your favorite one and we will take care of the rest!


Crisp Provence salad, roasted plum tomatoes, parmesan cheese & date balsamic (L,G)

Salt roasted beetroot, pickled red onion, crisp kale, pecan nuts and beetroot creme (L,G)

Grilled tender chicken, honey carrot, lemon verbena oil & fig mousse (L,G)

Stewed salmon, roasted potatoes, citrus marinated fennel, watercress and dill mayonnaise (M,G)

Juniper-flavored ox fillet, burnt onion, truffle flavored pearl barley and horseradish mayonnaise (M)

Bread baked by Soupster (M) and pea hummus (M,G)


Warm food:

Long-stewed lamb roast, star anise flavored red wine sauce and rosemary flavored roasted root vegetables (M,G)



Gingerbread posset, grilled fig, currant coulis and meringue (L)

”Hou hou hou…  ”


Salad mix, garlic marinated haricot and soybeans, roasted pine nuts & lemongrass vinaigrette (M,G)

Root som tam, pickled shiitake mushroom and crisp corn (M,G)

Roasted spicy kik beans and dates, grilled cauliflower, baby spinach, saffron-flavored cottage cheese and nut creme (L,G)

Chili marinated shrimp, grilled apple and bok choy, wakame seaweed salad and miso mayonnaise (M,G)

Gochujang duck breast, sweet cucumber, citrus marinated mongoose, roasted sesame and orange dressing (M,G)


Warm food:

Overcooked ox filet in soy-ginger sauce, chili and coriander flavored vegetable kvinoa (M,G)



Salmiakki-gold cake (VL,G)




VEGE “Green wonderland” 


Grilled heart salad, herb marinated haricot beans, roasted plum tomatoes, pine nuts and beetroot hummus (V,G)

Salt roasted beetroot, pickled red kale, crisp kale, pecan nuts and beetroot creme (L,G)

Mozzarella, rucola, tomato chutney, basil gremolata and marinated red onion (L,G)

Grilled pumpkin and eggplant, lemon-flavored organic tofu, pickled mustard seeds, burnt fig, root crisps and date balsamic (L,G)

Sesam marinated härkis, garlic marinated carrot, spicy kvinoa salad, baby spinach, avocado mousse and salt roasted seeds (V,G)


Soupster’s Foccacia (V) and olive tapenade (V,G)


Warm food:

Spicy seitan in tomato sauce, fried vegetable rice and vegan garlic aioli (V)